Cutting chai or Mumbai cutting tea is basically a flavoured mixed spiced tea beverage prepared by boiling black tea, spices and full cream milk. it is typically served as a refreshment during morning with breakfast or with snacks in evening. Traditionally, chai was served in 2 steel cups which has been replaced by glass cups. These steel cups were placed one over the other and the chai was split in these 2 cups and were enjoyed by 2 people. Perhaps, this act of sharing the chai gave its name as cutting chai.

You can have chai with variety of snacks such as Mirchi Vada, French Toast, Sabudana Khichdi, Vada Pav and many more



Water – 1 Cup
Milk – 1 Cup
Assam Tea – 2 Tsp
Sugar – 1 – 2 Tsp (as required)
Crushed Ginger – 1 Tbsp

You can also add cardamom (elaichi) and whole crushed black pepper if required

Preparation Method:

  1. In a medium saucepan, add the water, tea and sugar; bring it boil.
  2. Add crushed ginger bring to a boil.
  3. Remove the pan from the heat, cover and let steep for 5 minutes.
  4. Add the milk to the pan and bring to a boil.
  5. Stir the chai, then strain it into a warmed teapot or directly into teacups.
  6. Enjoy Mumbai Cutting Chai (Tea) !